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We truly hope that you find a valuable planning tool.  We are always searching for better ways to make better and more useful.  In that endeavor, we could really use YOUR help through content development or a financial contribution.  Please scroll down for more information.

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Along with supplying traditional travel information, is dedicated to promoting the responsible use of our environment through pages such as Santa Cruz Eco-events

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Donations to Digital Renaissance are securely process by PayPal.

Digital Renaissance focus more on's content and less on advertising! Any dollar amount is greatly appreciated, and please let us know what type of pages you would most like to support.

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If you write well and enjoy travel topics we may be willing to work with you and your college so you can write travel stories for us and receive independent credit from your college.  Plus we would be willing to write an recommendation for future potential employers.  Hey, real work experience can't hurt! 

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Share your expertise with readers through an article or review.  Your article can greatly benefit both of us! For, we get to add content from an area expert.  For you, you establish credibility with our readers and get a link back to your Website or email address.

To begin the process, please email us with a topic suggestion that you would like to submit to us.  If we like it, and we decide to publish it on our site, we'll add a your byline to your article with a link to your Web site or email. 

Please note that your story, review or opinion piece should meet the following criteria:

a) Your topic will be of interest to our readers.  For example, if you own a surf shop, you may want to write something on the area's surfing hot spots or surfing etiquette.  A restaurant owner may wish to share a signature receipt or discuss wine parings.  A concerned citizen may wish to promote a worthy cause or nonprofit organization.

b) Your article should NOT be a hard sales pitch or an obvious self-promotion.

c) The article should be well written and not too long.  Generally, one to two pages is great for the web.  You can also include a photo or two.

d) You must have the legal rights to the content, i.e., the article must adhere to all applicable copyright laws. 

e) You must allow us to use your article – free of charge – for as long as we deem appropriate without limitation. 

g) If necessary, you agree to allow us to edit your article for length, quality and content. 

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