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Our mission is simple and focused — promote travel and recreation in California, Nevada, and Oregon.  We always stay true to this mission and strive to build a directory that is well organized, easy to use, intuitive, and extremely relevant for our valued readers.

As a result, is becoming the definitive online travel resource for hundreds of thousands of readers each year.  This highly targeted audience has enormous advertising potential for any business that caters to the sports, leisure, and travel industries!

Ready to "Get Listed" on We have two ways that your organization can be listed on for free – sort of.   Just agree to the conditions for a Basic Text Listing and you are on your way!

1)  Basic Text ListingFree of charge

Similar to a phonebook white page listing, we can add your business name, address, phone number and Web address to the appropriate category on   Please note that Basic Text Listings must meet the following conditions:

a) A business can ONLY be listed where it is physically located.  If you are located outside a region you wish to be listed, you can purchase a "Featured Listing".

b) All listings must have a official business name.  The business names must adhere to local city and county regulations.

c) All listings must have a street address.  No PO Boxes or virtual address will be accepted. 

d) All listings must have a unique Web site and Web address (URL) .  The Web site must be free of  technical problems such as broken links, extremely long download times, viruses, etc.  And it must adhere to all applicable copyright laws.  (Don't have a Web site?  We can create an online brochure for you starting at $150 per page or you can purchase one of our advertisements.)

e)  All business receiving a free listing must link back to from their Web site.  Most businesses generally include us on their favorite links page or link to a specific page on the site.

f)  The business must be an appropriate fit for  At our sole discretion, we will determine if a business meets our mission and does not conflict or compete with our partners or  We reserve the right to refuse service.

Basic Text Listings are NOT available to businesses offering any type of lodging! Hotels, motels, vacation rental, B&Bs, etc. will only be added to if they are listed with our reservation partner (an Expedia family member) or purchase one of our advertising options.

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