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Shasta Lake, California RV Parks

Shasta Lake RV Parks

Shasta Lake is home to a number of wonderful locations to tent or RV camp.  To review our listings of parks and beaches, please scroll down the page.

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Featured Mount Shasta Hotels

Shasta Lake RV Parks &
Privately Owned Campgrounds

Lakeshore Inn & RV

20483 Lakeshore Dr., Lakehead, California (530) 238-2004

Lewiston Valley Motel & RV Park

P.O. Box 324, Lewiston, CA  (530) 778-3942

Antlers RV Park and Campground

20682 Antlers Road Lakehead, CA 96051 (530) 238-2322

Big Horse Resort & RV

19663 Solus Campground Road Lakehead, California 96051 (530) 261-2222

A beautiful natural RV resort & Campground, a mile from Salt Creek arm of Shasta Lake shasta County, Mount Shasta, Ghost towns, Castle Crags, Mt Lassen ia days drive away. 

Holiday Harbor

PO BOX 112, O'Brien, CA (800) 776 2628 (530) 238-2383

Lakehead Campground & RV Park -- Shasta Lake Campgrounds

  20999 Antlers Road Lakehead, CA    (530) 238-8450

Lakeshore Villa RV Park -- Shasta Lake Campgrounds

  20672 Lakeshore Drive Lakehead, CA    (530) 238-8688

Lakeshore Inn and RV Park

  20483 Lakeshore Drive Lakehead, CA    (530) 238-2003

Nestled in a shady grove of tall pines and oak trees overlooking Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake RV Resort and Campground -- Shasta Lake Campgrounds

20433 Lakeshore Drive, Lakehead  (503) 238-2370

Our campground is family-owned and operated on land leased from the US Forest Service. Whether you’re looking for a place to fish, waterski, wakeboard, swim, relax, play ping pong, make s’mores or just enjoy the outdoors, Shasta Lake RV Resort & Campground is an ideal setting for your vacation.

Salt Creek RV Park -- Shasta Lake Campgrounds

19194 Lower Salt Creek Rd., Lakehead, CA  (503) 238-8500

Located just one mile off Hwy 5 on the Sacramento arm of Shasta Lake, nestled in the beautiful forest surrounding the lake, our resort is just a stones throw from the water with a launch area conveniently located right in front of the resort. Great fishing in this quiet 5 mph cove is yours to enjoy. It’s just 300 feet away, past the train trestle and you’re off to enjoy some of the best water skiing Shasta Lake has to offer.

Trail In RV Park  -- Shasta Lake Campgrounds

19765 Gregory Creek Rd. Lakehead, CA     (530) 238-8533

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