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Napa Valley, California Recreational Areas & Resorts

Napa Valley Recreational Areas & Resorts

Napa Valley Restaurants are Using More Locally, Responsibly,
and Humanely Produced Food Products

In response to the requests from many of our readers, we are surveying restaurants in the Santa Cruz area to find out which establishments are addressing their nutritional, social and environmental concerns.  

The information that we collect will be used to create several new subcategories on – ranging from restaurants that use organic produce to gluten-free menu items to Earth-friendly takeout packaging.  Please note that these new subcategories will be in addition to our traditional listings and are intended to provide those concerned readers with the information they need to make a better purchasing decisions.

Please go to to complete our brief survey.  It should take you fewer than 5 minutes to complete.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for participating in our survey.  We plan to post the survey results on as soon as possible. Regards, Jesse Farnworth

Featured Napa Valley Hotels
Featured Napa Valley Hotels

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